What is happening now?

The Oval and Kennington Development Area Masterplan (OAKDA) was submitted to Lambeth for formal consideration in May 2016. Since then the Masterplan has evolved, driven largely by the need to deliver increased levels of affordable housing and public benefits across the wider Masterplan area these amendments were set out in a Masterplan Addendum document drafted by Berkeley Homes.

Berkeley hosted a public exhibition to showcase these key changes to the Masterplan Area on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th October at the Kia Oval.

Since the exhibition Lambeth's Cabinet Member for Planning, Regeneration and Jobs has expressed in principle support for the OAKDA Masterplan and Addendum Document.

How has the community been consulted so far?

Feedback from the local community has been prioritised by Berkeley since inception of the Masterplan over two years ago. The feedback we received from numerous consultations has been continuously fed into the masterplan process and used to shape the key benefits of the masterplan throughout its evolution. Since receiving this feedback we have made the following changes to the masterplan:

• Increased the amount of open space

• Prioritised public routes throughout

• Supporting the development of an employment and training plan

What consultation has already been undertaken?

Consultation Timeline

What is Berkeley doing differently?

Berkeley has pioneered a toolkit that looks at people's quality of life and the strength of a community. We will be using this proven method throughout the consultation process as a framework to develop, refine and adopt key aspects of modern life, into the Masterplan. You can read more information about our social sustainability work here.

What materials are available?

A number of studies have been commissioned to investigate, the site, the local area, and Lambeth as a whole, which inform the masterplan. You can read about each of these in the Downloads section.