What are the draft Masterplan proposals?

The draft Masterplan will deliver a sustainable high quality mixed use development, providing jobs, homes and public space that will enhance the local area.

The following documents provide a more detailed overview: 

The key points of the Masterplan are:

  • Approximately 1,250 high quality new apartments including a mix of unit sizes and affordable dwellings.
  • Potential to support up to 1,430 jobs, a 465% increase on the current amount.
  • Almost 1 hectare of new public space will be created. This includes two new public squares: 'Gas Holder Place' and 'The Lime Grove,' as well as tree-lined streets and high quality landscape.
  • The main gas-holder will be retained, but a new residential building will be built within its frame. This is will be no higher than the current site lines so iconic views from the cricket ground stay the same.
  • Space has been designated for community use. This could provide for a library, sports hall, health centre or dentist.
  • Routes and space prioritise pedestrians, followed by cyclists. Only essential vehicle movements such as deliveries, taxis, servicing and emergency vehicles will be allowed onto the site.

The below map outlines the proposed use of each area of the Masterplan:

Berkeley, MasterPlan


  1. 'Gas Holder Place' - a new public square.
  2. Landmark Gas Holder retained.
  3. Pedestrian route through the Gas Holder.
  4. 'The Lime Grove' - a new public green space.
  5. Foodstore (same size as existing) below apartments and a private first floor courtyard.
  6. Retail proposed along Kennington Lane and Cutler's Way to support Kennington Cross and Vauxhall.
  7. All surrounding existing streetscapes enhanced.
  8. Connections made to The Foundry and Beefeater Gin Distillery along Phoenix Street.
  9. Cutler's Way provides a new north-south route.
  10. Vauxhall Street provides a 'Cycle Quietway'.
  11. Pedestrian priority across the Masterplan area.
  12. Existing substation enhanced.
  13. Internal private courtyards are located within each development block.
  14. Private courtyards enhance the boundaries with neighbouring properties.
  15. No change to Beefeater Gin Distillery.
  16. No change to 261-321 Kennington Lane - Grade II Listed Buildings.
  17. No through traffic on Montford Place - current road closure retained.
  18. Commercial activity to the north of the site and residential to the south to complement existing surrounding land uses.

Why a Masterplan?

A Masterplan is:

  • A pro-active way to investigate and bring about change.
  • Recognised as best practice to create sustainable and well-designed places.
  • A flexible tool to develop a spatial plan for an area.
  • An investigation of national, regional and local planning policy and its impact on an area.
  • A practical way to test what should become a reality on the ground.

The purpose of the draft OAKDA Masterplan is to:

  • Investigate if the Key Industry and Business Area (KIBA) planning policy designation should be removed.
  • Analyse how the area may change and be developed over time.
  • Deliver proposals that meet local, and broader, aspirations and needs.

The draft Masterplan is not a planning application. If endorsed, it will provide a framework for consideration of future planning applications.